Our Old, Nostalgic Favorite Is Coming Back.

Nokia makes a comeback into the phone market through a startup company known as HMD, which owns the license to build Nokia phones, alongside a lineup of phones in a bid on Sunday to become a leading light in the mobile world.

The iconic Nokia 3310 is being revived this year, under HMD Global version of Nokia. The first details of the iconic phone have been revealed and it looks like our minimalist, stress-free life dreams are set to come true.

The original 3310 gained an impressive reputation for its reliability, long-lasting battery and resilience, earning itself a loyal worldwide following and selling 100 million units. Retro games such as Snake, create-your own-ringtones and changeable fascia’s and cases made the phone a long-term favorite among fans.


The revived Nokia 3310 has a cleaner design, a bigger display, more colors (Dark Blue, Grey, Warm Red and Yellow), better battery life (22-hours talk-time and one-month standby). At the same time, it feels light and will be cheap, the kind of phone you’d buy only if you absolutely had to have a cellular phone at hand.

In case your knowledge of mobile phones does not go back too far, you may not know about Snake. While versions of the game, with different names and slightly different game play, have been around since the 1990s, the first Nokia version was included as part of the Nokia 6610 phone in 1997. Since then, various versions of the arcade game have been released on Nokia-created phones, including a 3D version. The classic Snake game from 1997 has also been adapted many times to run on PC and modern smartphones.

The game itself is simple to play. You just control the snake to move around the screen and eat dots to make it get longer. You have to avoid hitting the walls and also keep the snake from hitting its growing tail to win the game.

For more information, visit Nokia’s official website: Nokia


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