Common Android issues and how to fix them!

Nowadays most smartphones run on Android. Despite being the most popular Operating System, there are a few common issues users face irrespective of the smartphone brand.

Slow or Sluggish Phone
After using a smartphone for a few weeks, most users tend to pile up on the apps and multimedia. Many of these keep running in the background, consuming resources and slowing the phone down.
In order to get rid of this, a number of smartphone brands now pre-install a cleaner app on the phone. If your phone does not have one, you can install Clean Master for the same function. Every time you feel your phone is sluggish, simply run the app and let it do the optimization for you. If you want an automated one, try the free Swift Locker—it boosts your phone automatically every time you unlock your device.

Lazy Gallery
Many users tend to snap several photos and videos and never bother removing the duplicates or irrelevant ones. Result?! The gallery tends to slow down, taking more time to load thumbnails as well as full size images. A simple tweak requires installing the QuickPicGallery app. It is pretty quick and lets you view images as a stack, grid, list or large thumbnails. It also integrates with cloud services and even has a WiFi transfer feature to transfer multiple photos.

PC Connectivity Issue
Most of us have encountered this error once at least; you connect your phone to a PC via cable and it doesn’t appear as an external drive. If that happens too often with you, then simply install the Airdroid app. This app simply lets you connect to your computer over WiFi for easy data transfer, apps management, viewing notifications as well as responding to calls and messages. In addition to this, you can even mirror your smartphone on to your computer.

Low Internal Storage
Maintaining a certain amount of internal storage free on android devices is a must in order to enjoy smooth performance. If you have an android phone that accepts microSD card, you can simply move data from your phone’s internal storage to the microSD card with time. You can even move your installed apps to the microSD card using free apps such as AppMgr III. However, if you have a device with non-expandable storage, you can use the AppMgr III app to freeze or uninstall apps that you rarely use. You can also use cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox to move your photos and documents and free enough storage.

Battery Drain
Another common, yet major issue faced by a lot of users is battery drain. There can be multiple reasons for this including numerous background apps, poor connectivity, widgets, screen brightness level etc. Most phones come with builtin or pre-installed battery optimizers but not everyone is comfortable enabling them as they limit performance and functionality of the phone. A life-saving app known as DU battery saver or Battery Doctor can come handy for charging and intelligent battery optimization.



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