Prepare for some nonstop action with Nonstop Chuck Norris!

You may have read all of the facts about legendary martial artist and actor, Chuck Norris. You may also have read how Chuck Norris can delete the Recycling Bin on his PC or how he can kill two stones with one bird or how he does not sleep; he waits.

Today is his actual birthday; he has turned 77 years old , Happy Birth Day Chuck!

Flare Games used this occasion to confirm that it will be releasing a new action game centered on him; Nonstop Chuck Norris.

Releasing worldwide in April for free on iOS and Android devices, Nonstop Chuck Norris will give players the ability to harness the unstoppable power of Chuck Norris with your role as a sidekick to the man himself.

The game is a spinoff of a previous title from Flare, Nonstop Knight. In the previous game the players controlled a medieval knight as he fought endless hordes of enemies.

Nonstop Chuck Norris is basically the same game but instead you control the man who uses his pure fighting skills to take people down. The game will give you the option to use weapons like baseball bats, chainsaws and others as he levels up and you can unlock better martial arts skills like fist slams and Chuck’s signature roundhouse kicks. The game will also feature leaderboards so you can check out how your fighting skills compare to other players.

“The game’s a whole lot of fun and I hope my fans enjoy playing it”, said Norris.

“It’s a tough job to be my sidekick and I hope players are up to the challenge!”


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