Samsung’s new wooden border TV:‘The Frame’.

Samsung’s TV lineup has some exciting new additions this year. The new concept television set was first shown off at CES this year. This TV doubles as a picture frame and becomes a part of your home decor when not in use.

The Frame has been designed to be completely different from conventional TVs. Instead of fading the screen to black when the TV is switched off, the user can choose ‘Art Mode’ to run on the display. This mode displays 100 pieces of art when the screen is not being used. These art pieces can be chosen from around 10 different categories – including landscape, architecture, wildlife, action, drawing and more.

The primary idea behind the launch of this innovative new television set is to make a piece of technology seamlessly blend with the surroundings. It further enhances your living room decor and can be customized with numerous art layouts and colors. The Frame doubles as an art frame, so it has been integrated with Samsung’s new Invisible Connection and gap-less Wall-mount. This mount helps you hang the TV anywhere, without having to worry about hanging cables or wires around.

Though it is particularly meant to be hung on your wall that will make it look like a true picture frame, but Samsung is also providing you to choose an optional Studio Stand for the same. It is providing interchangeable bezels to merge the TV better with your surroundings.

The company announced that it’ll be releasing the Frame this Spring, but has shied away from disclosing the specs or pricing. There is currently no information on whether this smart television uses Samsung’s QLED technology or a 4K display.


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