A yacht with a Jacuzzi and fire pit: Bugatti Ninette 66.

Bugatti teamed up boat-builder Palmer Johnson to build a luxury yacht, the Bugatti Niniette 66. With a commitment to craftsmanship that you can see, touch and experience, the Bugatti Niniette 66 is truly a work of art.


The sleek craft comes in at 66 feet long (20 meters) and boasts a number of amenities perfect for the sea-faring nefarious ne’er-do-well. First, the Niniette, built in a collaborative effort between Bugatti and super-yacht maker Palmer Johnson, is a fast little sucker capable of cruising along at 44 knots. For the uninitiated, that’s about 50 miles an hour, which is quite quick on the open seas.


Like the Bugatti Chiron, this luxury yacht shares design DNA, the Niniette will not hold more than two people comfortably. The yacht features both an open deck and interior cabins. Outside there is plenty of leather and carbon fiber, and the decking is available in various types of wood including a naturally blue morta oak.


The hot tub onboard also features a champagne bar and a fire pit. Inside, marble joins the carbon fiber and leather and the seating area has a surreal, flowing, organic look that wouldn’t seem out of place in an alien spaceship. The theme continues to the bedroom, which features a double bed.


The Master suite is crafted in luxurious materials of leather, nubuck, polished metal and carbon. It is a Signature Bugatti horseshoe shaped salon with heritage automotive traits, including the macaron skylight. The guest bathroom has marble accents and luxurious accessories. The galley kitchen includes a sink, fridge/freezer, microwave and a storage.


The Bugatti Niniette 66 master suite is truly unforgettable. An inner sanctum like no other, the beauty of its interior resides in the sustained harmony of opposites – soft leather against polished metal; suede against carbon.


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