Google’s new messaging app that translates your voice into emoji!

Days after Google released Uptime, an iOS-only app from the company’s Area 120 startup incubator, an Android app from Area 120 has appeared as well.

Tons of different companies have their own solutions for helping us get in touch with friends and family members in the most efficient and functional way possible and Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger is the latest communication tool that just might be worth checking out.


Supersonic Messenger will convert your voice message into text. What differentiates the app is that if it detects that a word could be represented by an emoji, it changes it to one. The interesting part is that it’ll automatically change some of the words to emoji. For example, when I said “Do you like pizza?”, it changes “like” into the thumbs up emoji and “pizza” into the pizza emoji.

Below is the description of the application from the Play Store:

Highlights: 🔥 Send live voice messages and see emojis as you speak! 🙉 Read my lips: Messages are converted to text so your friends can read ‘em even if they aren’t able to listen. 🎊 Freely express yourself: Messages disappear after they’ve been heard. 🎉 Keep it personal with one-on-one chats, or include the whole gang in a group.

While it’s unlikely that Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger will become your daily, go-to messaging app, it is a fun little experiment. Not only is it interesting to see which words get swapped out for emoji when you’re speaking a message, but the app can also be useful for less adept emoji users to learn more about the emoji that are available. There’s a bot in the app that can help teach you the features of the app and let you practice your messages.


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