Google Maps’ new feature ensures you never forget where you parked your car

Google has introduced a new feature to make sure Android users never forget where they park their cars.

If you’ve ever found yourself going, “Dude, where’s my car?” one too many times in a crowded parking lot, Google Maps’ latest feature may be of use to you.


The feature lets users take notes about their parking spot and attach pictures to remind them where they parked, an especially useful duo of tools when navigating a massive mall parking lot or floors of a garage with similar-looking spaces.

A timer can also be set, which is handy for keeping tabs on how long you can be out running errands before risking a ticket for overstaying at a parking meter. This is a great feature and should prove to be extremely useful.

Google Maps users on iOS will likely have to wait a bit longer for the update to make its way onto the App Store, but it is surely on its way.


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