13 movie trailers you need to watch

Another busy week is beyond us. CinemaCon has brought us exciting news about some of the most anticipated films of the year. For now we have a plenty of new trailers to watch, so let’s check out all of the hot movie clips that were released last week.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

The second trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming is already here. Unfortunately, there’s too much Iron Man in it. We’re just getting ready for the future Avengers movies where we’re going to need Iron Man. On the other hand, we do get to see more of the Vulture, the villain of the movie that’s going to be played by Michael Keaton. Homecoming hits cinemas on July 7th.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

This is a TV spot for the next chapter in Guardians of the Galaxy supposed to hit theaters on May 5th.

The Book of Henry

Susan is the mother of a gifted boy who realizes that his neighbor has done something that’s terribly wrong and there’s only one way to fix it. The Book of Henry stars Naomi Watts and Jaeden Lieberher and it’s directed by Colin Trevorrow who’s better known for Jurassic World and Star Wars: Episode IX.


Stephen King’s IT is coming to the big screen this fall. On September 8th, we’re going to be terrified by an especially scary creature. In other words, if you loved Netflix’s Stranger Things, this is about to be similar, only with spooky clowns.

Justice League

After releasing the new trailer last week, Warner Bros. finally released the first trailer for the Justin League movie. So let’s check the heroes that make up this particular team of gifted individuals who’re determined to defend Earth together.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales

In theaters on May 26th, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales already promises to be a smash hit for Disney. The movie was previewed at CinemaCon, but we only get to see a brand new clip Disney released this week.


Coco is a new Disney-Pixar animation. We already saw the first trailer for the movie so let’s enjoy the new short teaser the company released earlier this week. Coco, meanwhile, launches on November 22nd.

War for the Planet of the Apes

This is the war we’ve been waiting for. Apes and man will fight for this planet and from the looks of it it’s going to be brutal.


Ferdinand is also a new animation story but this one is coming from 20th Century on December 15th. Ferdinand seems like an interesting story about a darling of a bull who desperately wants to go home. John Cena voices the bull and the trailer follows below.

Queen of the Desert

Fans of movies inspired by real-life events should jot down this title: Queen of the Desert. It’s a biographical drama based on the life of Gertrude Bell, an important figure of the British Empire at the beginning of the 20th century. Joining Nicole Kidman, who plays Bell are James Franco, Robert Pattinson and Damian Lewis.

Paris Can Wait

Alec Baldwin can play other roles other than the president on SNL. In Paris Can Wait, he’s the inattentive husband of Diane Lane, who’s the real star of the film. We’re treated to an unexpected road trip from Cannes to Paris with Diane Lane and Arnaud Viard in the front seats.

A Ghost Story

On July 7th a ghost returns to its home to try to reconnect with his wife. Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara star in this Ghost Story.

War Machine

War Machine is a war satire movie hitting Netflix on May 26th. We saw a teaser a few weeks ago but now it’s time for a full-fledged trailer that show’s us what this Brad Pitt movie is all about.


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